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Louie LeFevre Real Estate Pro
23 February 2013
Coral Gables, Florida USA

Dear Sir/Ma'am:

I know Mr. Wolff as a extremely talented individual who happens to be liked by people, naturally these include his family and friends but also his peers, such as myself. In this business of Real Estate, it is more 'bout competition, flash and the close than it is customer service (do not deceive yourself, please, for I represent the truth in this testimony).

I've know Mr. Wolff for sometime now and if there is one phrase or operative terms that characterize his persona and professionalism it would be one that is principled, having vision and whose advise and counsel are sound ... he also is a likeable chap that is committed to the profession and to those who seek the services of such men like Mr. Wolff.

One's success in their profession is largely the result of one's peers support, edification and respect for that person. The public should also know what kind of reputation that person has among those he calls colleague but many do not, rather considering what other clients have said, whether good or bad. With almost all recommendations coming from clients and not other realtors, who else can speak the truth about someone's integrity (or lack of it) than a peer who has first hand knowledge of such attributes in the course of conducting business with that person ... and realtors are notoriously good for not speaking well of anyone who is their competitor (which are most realtors).

The western shores of Florida are Mr. Wolff's farm area and he knows it well, having his own home and family living locally in the grater Naples community. I reside in Miami (Coral Gables), Florida. We share leads, market data and trends and discuss from time-to-time why the general public find realtors at odds with their interests. Allow me to assure you gentle reader that Mr. Wolff has your interest at heart because he doesn't believe in sharing anything about a property but the truth about it. As a professional man with a professional degree, he is carries his fiduciary responsibilities in tandem with his zealousness to represent and defend your interests (as he should) when dealing with other realtors, brokerages and financial institutions. And lastly, while an austerely, logical planner, he is blessed also with a deep empathy and compassion for people ... a melding of everything one would want from someone to help them, to empower them and to assure them that their interests are above reproach because he has raised the bar on what customer service is about in the greater Naples community where he resides and practices his love for real estate and the people who seek him out for his guidance and leadership.

Gerry Wolff is not only my dear friend; he is also your good friend too. I've just describe what he is to me as a peer but he is likewise the same person who will ensure your satisfaction is met at every stage of the deal in-the-making. Forgive me for the length of my statement and let Mr. Wolff win you over with his knowledge, aplomb and savoir faire of business, real estate and Naples ... you'll be glad you did!

Please do contact me should you have any questions or have need of additional information.

Thank you for your time and courtesy.

Louie LeFevre, MPA
Realtor, RESF, Inc.; 305-967-8089
FL License#3247684

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